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Updated 5-10-2011

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PC Repair Services

We offer repair service on any computer that we can get the parts for, and if you know where to get the parts you want, we'll take care of that too.

Our A+ Certified Techinicians are quick, and thorough and belive in fixing the "Whole System" not just the current issue. Most computer problems can be repaired while you wait, for longer jobs, you'll be informed ahead of time what to expect the final bill to be.

We do service most models of Macintosh and Apple Computers. Our experience with Windows covers all versions from 3.11 to Vista including most server platforms.

We know DOS.

We know Linux, BSD, and Solaris too.

Whatever your needs may be, please call us, and we'll discuss options with you.

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P.O. Box 213
Smithville, Ohio 44677
(330) 439-1897

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